A bit of background

I wanted to be an artist from a young age, and I am lucky I have been able to pursue my dream.

I spent my teens and twenties making things before working full time in animation production and education as a production leader. In 1997 I transitioned from being part time artist and film maker to being a full time artist and multimedia director, with all of the challenges of making a living from one’s creative passion.

In 2007 I established illuminart, with aspirations of creating large performances and events that were bigger than what I could do alone. Initially the company was just myself with a couple of freelancers when needed, but it quickly grew beyond that.

I made it my mission to ensure that projection art and high powered technology would be used well and for the best outcomes for humanity and society, and that illuminart would be a flexible and family-centric workplace. This possibly may be a particularly feminist and feminine ideal that developed over the decades of working in a particularly male-dominated sector, but it has set illuminart apart and has helped us form a great team and workplace.

My role in illuminart is as a captain (setting the course of our craft); an ideas person and strategist; an evangelist for best practice; a producer/project leader; a mentor and consultant (to our team and to emerging artists in the projection artform); an executive producer of our in-house productions, and as a visual artist and creative director of a selection of our projects.

As a consultant I support individuals and organisations to grow new projects and opportunities for artists and communities, sometimes taking on a role as director or creative producer and often also just taking a role of guide and mentor.

I am idealistic and passionate about the role of artists as dynamic creative shapers of new ideas and possibilities. I live and love to collaborate and generate exciting public sharing of art and culture.

My skills and knowledge have been in demand, as an artist, educator, technologist and designer. I am lucky to be “really good at loads of things” however one can only accomplish what one can in the time one has.

As a producer, project leader and consultant I have provided the bridge between creative and technical worlds, community and stakeholder interests to navigate the very best possible outcomes for the projects.

Illuminart is a wonderful enterprise that has at its core, a mission for transformation through illumination, and has worked with presenters all around Australia on deeply moving projects that illuminate architecture and spaces whilst supporting a deeper process in the communities we are working with. My favourite projects have been those where I could help to shape decisions that were made on a larger scale, by allowing conversations or helping to influence decisions. In other ways, illuminart and my team and I, help build work that has longevity and is meaningful. We build things that last, we look after permanent installations and help build and grow audiences. We take pride in what we do and love helping others. Maybe I am just ever so satisfied that the ephemeral, can make a difference!

In parallel with steering the good ship illuminart, I help my partner build a house. Also, I draw, write and create moving image under my own name and a few psuedonyms.

Some useful links:
au.linkedin.com/in/cindidrennan (my linkedin profile)
illuminart.com.au (illuminart’s home page)