So just what do you mean by ‘immersive’?

Phone rings.
Hello Cindi, I would like you to work on an immersive projection.

…. Now begins my series of questions to find out what you mean by ‘immersive’.

We need to clarify which you mean: ‘immersive space’ or ‘immersive experience’.

Do you mean the projection will completely surround the audience, (like this) or are you using the word ‘immersive’ to mean an ‘absorbing, engrossing, or exciting’ experience.

If its an immersive experience, I will know to work with you to define the sequence of events, to gradually bring the focus of the audience into fully engaging with the story or interactions, without distractions. It will involve controlling lighting, sound and a dramatic sequence of events that draw attention, and create focus.

If its an immersive space, then I will begin thinking about technology and the venue – surrounding the audience with projection will require many projectors and much audiovisual content… considering every element of the 360 degree environment and how it will surround the audience. How we will control the lighting and sound to create focus in the right areas. How big the space is, where the projection is in relation to the audience, what the story is, how long the show runs for and how we will control it. Talk to me about the environment around the audience and specify what is in it.

Avoid using ‘immersive’ if you simply mean ‘stimulating/absorbing/insert latest buzz word here’. We want to engross and absorb every audience, but the real ‘how’ and ‘why’ are essential to planning the project.