A bit of background

I’m an artist, film maker, illustrator, geek, entrepreneur and inventor; in 2007 I founded illuminart, to push the boundaries of what’s possible with projection, light, creative collaboration and storytelling.

My work as artist and director has included directing large scale projection shows; directing and editing digital stories, promotional videos, and cultural heritage projects; curating projection art and lighting exhibitions; developing and presenting projection mapping training programs; directing large scale community arts projects; working as a member of a theatre production group; consulting to local government to develop permanent installations; creating artwork for festival commissions.

I am idealistic and passionate about the role of artists as dynamic creative shapers of new ideas and possibilities. I live and love to facilitate change, by bringing groups together with artists to collaborate and generate exciting public sharing of culture, whilst also supporting other goals and solutions.

I work simultaneously as a freelance consultant and a company director.

As a consultant I support individuals and organisations to grow new projects and opportunities for artists and communities, sometimes taking on a role as director or creative producer and often also just taking a role of guide and mentor.

As a freelance consultant I’m currently curating the Kaleidoscope festival in Joondalup WA, guiding the emergence of new ideas for a light festival and supporting Perth artists to develop projects. I’m also mentoring several artsworkers and creative producers to develop projects, often also training or supporting artists who have never worked with projection before to translate their ideas into the medium of illuminating image.

In my role as illuminart’s company director and project leader, I provide the bridge between creative and technical worlds, community and stakeholder interests to navigate the very best possible outcomes for the projects. Illuminart is a wonderful enterprise that has at its core, a mission for transformation through illumination, and has worked with presenters all around Australia on deeply moving projects that illuminate architecture and spaces whilst supporting a deeper process in the communities we are working with.

I provide the overall expertise to support would-be presenters to develop their ideas and successfully present them, and connect with the extraordinary talents of the illuminart team and participating community. Illuminart  is truly artist-led and collaboratively managed – the creative team collaborate with me in a hive mind that brings together the genius of all the team members.

Working together and in partnership with others, illuminart is a platform for large scale productions to happen, by providing a full range of expertise and a network of collaborators around Australia.

Our vision for large scale work fuses the potential of large scale technology, social entrepreneurship, creativity to create experiences that are generated within, and shared by communities around Australia; the company has been recognized for leadership in this field through prestigious awards and arts organisation funding support by Arts SA.

Illuminart as a business and enterprise brings together organisations, AV suppliers, businesses, artists and communities in novel and exciting partnerships, co-productions and new commissions. We have a wealth of experience working with all sorts of businesses and communities to create engaging and meaningful work of lasting significance.

While I am not freelancing, or guiding the good ship illuminart, I help my partner build a house. Also, I draw, write and create moving image under my own name and a few psuedonyms.

Some useful links:
au.linkedin.com/in/cindidrennan (my linkedin profile)
illuminart.com.au (illuminart’s home page)