Projection Art Primer @ dLux

LOLcindi_img_d21015Are you interested in the artform of projection art (aka projection mapping, architectural projection, etc) and want to wrap your head around what’s involved in creating it? Join me at this upcoming workshop to develop knowledge in the artform, methods & professional practice.

In partnership with dLux media arts I will be presenting this one-off event during VIVID 2015, which will condense the creative, technical, design and business considerations into a jam packed weekend workshop to assist curators, event managers, artists and designers get the full story behind this artform.

I have broken the foundations into two segments so you can pursue just one stream of interest, or both. Loosely Saturday the 30th of May will focus on creative development, design and content, and Sunday the 31st of May will focus on technical, business and curatorial factors. The workshop is designed to be informative about procedures, methods and design issues, and while I will not be giving you hands on walk-throughs of software, I will be providing examples of the most common methods of producing projection mapped projects and explaining what you need to know to develop projects solo or in collaboration with others.

Here’s what I will be covering:

Day 1 – Understanding the Artform / Basic Principles

  • Projection Art vs Moving Image vs Video Art
  • The projection art glossary
  • The projection art multi-disciplinary team
  • Examples of good and bad projections art (how, where and why)
  • Principles of the mapping process
  • Principles of lighting and image design
  • Projection art workflow

Day Two – Appreciating the Artform / Advanced Principles

  • Architectural projection
  • Projection sculpture
  • Theatre/performance projection
  • Interactive projection
  • animation and production workflow
  • Reaching beyond the spectacle

Places are strictly limited and there is a small application process involved so I can ensure the workshop design meets the expectations of the participants and vice versa, so I advise you to not leave your application to the last minute.

This workshop is part of dLux media arts PAWS  (Professional Artist Workshop Series).

Read the “Projection Mapping Primer” workshop program and apply to participate here: