Kaleidoscope festival: nurturing creative collaboration and interdisciplinary connections

Kaleidoscope Festival

Kaleidoscope Festival

While many light festivals focus on the spectacle alone, Kaleidoscope takes the audience on a journey through connected ideas, expressed through the magic medium of light.

This new festival will be held annually in Joondalup WA, and the inaugural festival will be held 10-13 November 2016.

It will involve artists and makers who create illuminated art and experiences, facilitating connections between them to expand their ideas to percolate and seed through the entire festival precinct.

Working collaboratively, the participating artists and makers are drawing their ideas to connect to each other and to invited collaborators and participants from around Australia.

This process has already been nurtured for several months and is now picking up speed as sponsors and partners have joined us.

Find out about opportunities for collaboration, commissions, talks, exhibitions and invitations to exhibit.

further information: KALEIDOSCOPE_EOI Document

Register your interest by:

sending an email to cindi@mellenevents.com


joining and sending a message via this recently set up facebook group